Frequently Asked Questions

When are my monthly dues do?

The monthly dues are due on the first day of the month, if you don’t pay by the last day of the second month you will be suspended on the 1st of the third month without notice by the International Union.

When I am eligible for insurance?

New members and Apprentices must work 350 hours within 12-months for medical. New members and Apprentices are not eligible for vision or dental until they work 1,000 hours for initial eligibility. 

Can I add my mother or father to my insurance?

No, a member can only add immediate Family. Immediate family is considered children and husband or wife.

Can I add my live-in girlfriend/common law marriage or live-in boyfriend to my insurance?

No, you cannot add your live-in girlfriend or live-in boyfriend, In order for a member to add on Spouse and dependents you must provide an Original State Marriage Certificate.

Can I add my stepchild to my insurance?

Yes, If you want to add a step child you must fill out a special form called “Declaration Concerning Step Child”

What are the Union Holidays?

The following holidays shall be observed on the date designated by Federal Law: 

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

 If any of the above holidays should fall on Sunday, the Monday following shall be considered a legal holiday. Work on such days shall be paid for at the holiday overtime rate provided herein. No work shall be performed on Labor Day except in case of extreme urgency when life or property is in imminent danger.